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A huge amount of that energy and money is wasted, mostly heating or cooling empty homes. With regular thermostats, you have to remember to turn the temperature down every time you leave. But we’re human. We forget. Programmable thermostats were supposed help, but they’re too complicated. Their inflexible schedules can’t keep up with our changing lives and most people never program them to save energy. The Environmental Protection Agency even took away their Energy Star rating. 

The Nest Learning Thermostat makes things simple. It programs itself and helps you save energy.

The Nest Cam

          - See your home.

          - Away from home.

          - In super clear 1080pHD.


 Nest Cam Did
Nest Cam Tells 
Nest Protect


          - Thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone

Nest Protect Where  
Nest Protect Think  
 Nest Protect Count  
Nest Thermostat


          - Control it from anywhere.

Nest Day 1  
Nest Day 2  
Nest Day 6  
Nest Day 7  
Nest Day 8  
Nest Day 12  
Nest Day 30  
Nest Day 90  
Nest Home Can Do 1  

 Nest Home Can Do 2


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